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  • Queso fundido$9

    melted cheese with jalapeno and chorizo or mushroom topping
  • Guacamole$8

    topped with queso fresco served with chips
  • Dip de frijoles$7

    topped with queso fresco served with chips
  • Esquites $6

    corn with guajillo salsa, crema and queso fresco
  • Coctel de Camarón$9

    clamato sauce, onions, lemons and fresh cilantro
  • Tostada de salmón$8

    crispy corn tortilla topped with smoked salmon, green onion spread, red onions and serrano chiles
  • Quesadillas $7

    flour tortilla with melted cheese served with pico de gallo. add any protein or portobello mushrooms
  • Sopa de tortilla $6

    with cheese and guacamole
  • Chile con carne $8

    with melted cheese, served with tortilla chips
  • Flautas de pollo$8

    pico de gallo, cheese


  • Burrito$9

    pork, chicken, mushrooms, turkey, beef flour tortilla with rice, black beans, guacamole and pico de gallo


  • Served monday to friday between 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.$10

    Tortilla soup, daily menu dessert y drink

Tacos Tropicales 3x $10

  • Chorizo queso

    melted cheese, chorizo and pickled onions
  • Cochinita pibil

    guacamole, slow roasted pork shoulder, pickled onions and crumbled pork rind
  • Pollo pistolero

    chicken, refried black beans, queso fresco and cilantro
  • Mariachi Chorrillo

    fish taco with tomato, slaw and cilantro
  • Carnitas

    pulled pork with tomatillo salsa and lemon
  • Lengua

    braised beef tongue topped with red onions
  • Pastor

    turkey breast served with pineapple, white onion and cilantro
  • Calamar

    fried calamari rings, fresh salad with chipotle sauce
  • Panza

    pork belly, onions with cafe unido salsa
  • Cochinillo

    roasted pig head, salsa verde, avocado, onions and cilantro
  • Philly cheese

    beefsteak , mozzarella cheese, red and green peppers
  • El vegetariano

    guacamole, black beans, slaw, pico de gallo mushrooms and cheese
  • ***Our tortillas are homemade and gluten free***

Desserts $4

  • Flan de caramelo

  • Cheesecake de maracuyá

  • Tres leches

  • Helado de horchata

  • Barritas de limón

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